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Need Hope?
Experiencing thoughts of suicide, addiction, physical abuse, bullying, PTSD and more..... Visit our friends at Death2Life.



  • Want some faith based apparel to rep Christ and the hope found in Him...              Visit our friends at CXXII!

They have some new Send It Together apparel you can also find at their website!


Church Connections

  • Our ministry parters at Highlands Church in Scottsdale, AZ have blessed us with great teaching and fellowship over the years. If you're in the looking for a great home church in the Phoenix area, or want to check out some solid sermons online, we invite you to check Highlands out.

  • If you're looking for a church home and are outside the Phoenix area, feel free to contact us as we'd love to try to help connect you to a solid church community in your area.

Youth Shred Night at the Refuge

  • Are you a youth looking for a skatepark not only to shred, but a safe place to connect with others? Come join our friends at The Refuge in Phoenix, AZ! Check out their website for more information and gathering times!

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  • FCA has a heart to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. To find out more visit their website...


  • Camp ROYAL is an actions sports camp, located in WV. They are passionate not only about their sport, but making an eternal difference through their craft. 

Additional Online Resources 

Here are a few resources we've found helpful to grow in our understanding of the Bible and address different subjects with a Biblical framework.

  • Desiring God has articles, apps, videos and resources as well as a podcast that helps answer a wide range of questions. 

  • Ligoniers Ministries is a resource for understanding the nature and works of God, including: covenant theology, different theological views, historical theology, philosophical theology, and systematic theology.

  • Bible Thinker is a resource designed to help people think Biblically about everything. Their website is a great online tool. They also have a YouTube channel and podcast.

New City Catechism

  • Starting January 2022, we are going through The Gospel Coalition's New City Catechism. For more resources and tools, you can visit their website...

Note: There are many solid resources that are amazing tools for growing in our faith, but it's good to keep in mind that even the greatest resources, written by man, can be fallible. So we like to remind others, to take everything back to the the Bible, including all you read on our site,  and make sure Scripture remains your main source to find answers.

With that in mind, we hope these can be helpful tools for you!


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